Sugar Apricots
Sugar Apricots (Prunus armeniaca)

The apricot belongs to the rose family and is a shrub or small tree with a round crown. Apricots thrive particularly well in dry, warm regions and are very susceptible to frost. The name apricot derives from the Latin "praecoces" (early fruit), as this fruit flowers early compared to other rose plants. The apricot is called one of the oldest cultivated fruit varieties and symbolizes in China, for example, the female beauty as well as the desire for children. It is assumed that the apricot was spread to northern Europe via the Romans.

The largest cultivation area in the world is located in the eastern Turkish province of Malatya. Turkey is the world's largest producer of apricots. Fully ripe picked fruits have an excellent aroma and are very susceptible to spoilage. The fruit is ripe when the halves of the cross-cut fruit can be twisted against each other and separated from the stone.

We exclusively trade the variety "Hacıhaliloğlu” from the Malatya region. The characteristics are a yellow-red colour with a greenish touch and a small round oval fruit. This variety is crunchy and very sweet.

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