Black Figs
Black Figs (ficus carica)
Bursa Siyahı

Figs are mainly grown in the Mediterranean and the tree reaches a height up to 8 metres. It is one of the oldest plants used by humans and the first one mentioned in the Bible. Depending on the cultivation area, different varieties are offered on the market.

They have small kernels and depending on the variety they are green or purple. Figs that are intended for fresh consumption are harvested by hand before they are fully ripe in order to be firm enough for transport and to have an optimum degree of ripeness at the point of sale. Figs that are too ripe are mainly consumed in the countries where they are grown as they ferment relatively quickly.

We trade mainly the variety „Bursa Siyahı“, which is cultivated in the region around Bursa in Turkey. The characteristics of this variety are a round shape, a violet skin and dark red flesh. The taste of these figs is sweet and they are juicy in ripe condition.

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