Cherries (Prunus avium)
Napoleon, Ziraat 0900

Sweet cherries belong to the rose family and are non-ripening fruit that must therefore be harvested ripe. Depending on the variety, the colour serves as an indicator of the maturity and sweetness of the fruit. The length of the stalk extends the lifetime of the cherry, as it nourishes the fruit. In addition, the stem protects the fruit from juice loss and is an indication of freshness. Cherries should have a firm, smooth and shiny skin. A distinction is made between sweet cherries, sour cherries and bird cherries. Sweet cherries are also distinguished into firm (prunus duracina) and soft cherries (prunus juliana).

We have focused on the sorts Ziraat 0900 and Salihli, which are traded as one of about 68 different cherry varieties from Turkey, commonly known under the name Napoleon. The reason that we just offer these two varieties is that both have very good and very similar qualitative characteristics. The attributes of these two varieties are a heart-shaped form, a bright red colour as well as a very firm and chrunchy fruit. The stone of these varieties is easy to remove from the juicy flesh and they have a sweet taste. Another special attribute is that the cherries are durable even after 48 hours in the stores without any cooling. Our cherries are grown in large parts of Turkey such as in Manisa, Bursa, Afyon, Denizli, Isparta und Niğde.

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