Our quality promise

The best from Turkey

As Amiral we combine two special components that make our products so unique: ...

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The origin of Amiral

A vision with success

Amiral was founded with the vision of producing fruit and vegetables in Turkey, whose qualities are homogeneous with the ...

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Our philosophy

What is important to us

We want to achieve long-term success through transparency, competence and continuity. Therefore, it is essential in our daily work ...

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What makes Amiral so unique

Taste of the sun

There are many arguments we can prove the advantages and differentiation of Amiral with: Every component of our company contains something special, from the producers to the logistics. But sometimes an enjoyable bite says more than a thousand words. In the end, all our efforts have one common goal: The taste.

That’s why we even go stony ways, as in Finike (Antalya), which is our cultivation area for mountain pomegranates. The taste of pomegranates from this region is much more intense and aromatic than in the lowlands. This is one of many examples illustrating what we do for the best taste.


Without exception, Amiral trades only fresh fruit and vegetables produced by ourselves or under complete control of Amiral engineers. During production, producers must follow strict rules regarding the quality characteristics that must be observed. The defined characteristics are documented in product identity cards.

We are in constant exchange with our local partners and visit the cultivation region regularly in person. Our quality assurance department codes the plantations and draws up binding crop spraying plans with our partners’ agricultural engineers, in which the exact type and amount of all plant protection chemicals used are specified.


Complete traceability and accurate information are important quality criteria for us. The entire work in the plantations is documented in field identity cards and is availablle for our customers any time.

Our services

Freshness from the field to the shelf

For us, the best quality does not end with the harvest: Customer-oriented service and strong logistics are part of our quality promise. We take care of transport and export coordination with customs. We always pursue the goal of bringing the field freshness of the products to the sales shelves through fast and flexible logistics.


Performance through specialisation

Amiral producers are absolute specialists for their product. Their entire production concentrates on one to three fruits. Amiral is also a producer itself and thus controls the entire process from sowing to the finished packaged product. This can only be achieved through a close and trusting partnership in combination with the contractual certainty that our agricultural engineers can consistently enforce the quality requirements.