Our quality promise

The best from Turkey

As Amiral we combine two special components that make our products so unique: ...

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Our philosophy

What is important to us

We want to achieve long-term success through transparency, competence and continuity. Therefore, it is essential in our daily work ...

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What makes Amiral so unique

Taste of the sun

There are many arguments we can prove the advantages and differentiation of Amiral with: ...

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The origin of Amiral

A vision with success

• Amiral was founded with the vision of producing fruit and vegetables in Turkey, whose qualities are homogeneous with the standards of European producer countries. Turkey has ideal climate conditions, good economical production requirements and a tremendous potential.

• The challenge lies in the consistent implementation of the highest quality and safety standards in a country that has not been consistently convincing in this field in the past. For this reason, we see it as our duty to prove, that we can reliably produce goods of impeccable quality in Turkey and that sustainable success is guaranteed by competence, transparency and continuity.

• Out of these ambitions we have defined the vision to be perceived as a reliable exporter of Turkish fruit and vegetables in Europe within the next five years..